Abstracts / Résumés

Friday 5th August                      Vendredi, le 5 août


09.15–11.00  Panel / Séance I: Fundamental Sounds / Bruits de fond(ement)

Chair: Dirk Van Hulle

Helen Bailey (University of Reading, UK)
‘Too clumsily explicit’: Beckett’s Excised Celestial Music

Evelyne Clavier (Université de Lorraine, France ; Université de Genève, Suisse)
Chantons sous la merde !

Lucy Jeffery (Swansea University, UK)
Cheese and Biscuits: Beckett’s Musical Monadology

Pim Verhulst (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
‘A thing I carry about with me’: Albert Camus and Le Mythe de Sisyphe in Beckett’s All That Fall

11.15–13.00  Panel / Séance II: Poetry / Poésie

Chair: Rosie Lavan

Edward Lee-Six (University of Cambridge, UK)
Romantic residues in Samuel Beckett’s poetry

Bernard-Olivier Posse (Université de Fribourg, Suisse)
Beckett et le surréalisme de Paul Eluard : les « poèmes 37–39 »

David Wheatley (University of Aberdeen, UK)
‘A threshold must be crossed where nobody waits’: Beckett’s Translations of Pierre Reverdy

María José Carrera (University of Valladolid, Spain)
Samuel Beckett, the Unlikely Translator of Mexican Poetry


14.00–15.45  Panel / Séance III: Correspondences / Correspondances

Chair: Pim Verhulst

Samuel Whybrow (University of Reading, UK)
Beckett’s Late Pseudo-couple: Kafka and Kierkegaard

Julie Gaillard (Emory University, US)

Xander Ryan (University of Reading, UK)
‘To talk alone’: Communicative Fears in Beckett’s Correspondence and Happy Days

Pascale Sardin (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne, France)
(Self)-Translation or Authority at Stake in the Correspondence of Samuel Beckett



16.00–17.30  Panel / Séance IV: Politics / Politique

Chair: Mark Nixon

Lloyd Houston (University of Oxford, UK)
‘Sterilization of the mind and apotheosis of the litter’: Beckett, Sexuality and the ‘Ordinary Reader’

James McNaughton (University of Alabama, US)
How to Read Beckett’s German Diaries: Nazism in the Postwar Work

Conor Carville (University of Reading, UK)
Beckett, Medieval Art and Nazi Aesthetics


Saturday 6th August                       Samedi, le 6 août


09.30–11.15  Panel / Séance V: Perception

Chair: Georgina Nugent-Folan

Rick de Villiers (Durham University, UK)
A gallery of ‘pudibonds’: Embarrassment in Beckett’s Early Work and Life

Olga Beloborodova (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
Play’s Manuscripts in Samuel Beckett’s (Extended) Mind

Eri Miyawaki (Université de Tokyo, Japon)
Samuel Beckett et Geneviève Asse : Une lumière partagée

William Davies (University of Reading, UK)
‘Brief struggles of the mind with the observed.’ Unmediated Observation in Samuel Beckett’s ‘Long Observation of the Ray’

11.30–13.00  Panel / Séance VI: Translation / Traduction

Chair: Nicholas Johnson

Aleksandra Wachacz, Bartosz Lutostański (University of Gdańsk, Poland)
Beckett in Polish Translations

Li Yanshi (Taiyuan University of Technology, China)
The Reception of Waiting for Godot in China

Burç İdem Dinçel (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Anti-Prometheus or How to Perform Beckett in Multiple Steps



14.00–15.30  Panel / Séance VII: Language / Langage

Chair: Nadia Louar

Antonio Gambacorta (University of Reading, UK)
‘My Italian is not up to more’: Samuel Beckett, Editor of ‘Immobile’

Karine Germoni (Université Paris-Sorbonne [Paris IV], France)
Les anglicismes ponctuationnels de Beckett dans les débuts de la « French frenzy »

Georgina Nugent-Folan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
‘Say it simply. […] Say it simplier’: The Role of Error in the Creative Praxes of Samuel Beckett and Gertrude Stein



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